Day 11 – Copper Mountain

Meadow in section 8

Wednesday July 22nd, 2015

Miles: 5.4

CT Segments: 8,1.6 > 8,7.0

After more than a week off-trail, Emmy’s foot is not improving enough to continue hiking, so I am going to try hiking the Colorado Trail alone.  I purchased a solo shelter from TarpTent called the ProTrail instead of carrying our two-person tent to save weight.  I really enjoy hiking with Emmy and having her company on the trail, so being alone will take some getting used to.

Dusky Beardtongue Wildflowers
Dusky Beardtongue Wildflowers

The wildflowers thus far have been plentiful thanks to nearly daily rain, and section 8 proved no different.  I started 1.6 miles into section 8 where Emmy and I left off and skirted across the remainder of Copper Mountain Ski Resort.  The Colorado Trail then headed-up a meadow full of wildflowers, shrubs and grasses.  The guidebook listed the campsites that border this meadow as the last non-exposed sites until after Kokomo Pass (12,027 feet) near the 12 mile mark, so even though it was early, I stopped at a decent campsite at 16:00 near the end of the meadow and only 7 miles into section 8.

Campsite and TarpTent ProTrail
Campsite and TarpTent ProTrail

I spent the rest of the evening reading a new science fiction book by Hugh Howey titled “Wool”, ate dinner, and went to bed early.  Throughout the night, I was frequently awoken by a rabbit and squirrel moving around and under my tent.  Fortunately there was no rain over night so I didn’t need to worry about the seam sealing work I did on my new tent.

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